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  • Are you looking for the best INSPIRATIONAL GIFT BASKET IDEAS you can easily make yourself?
  • Have you thought of a few fabulous ideas of your own
    but have no idea WHERE TO BEGIN?
  • Have you ever made an amazing basket only to be let down by your WRAPPING ATTEMPTS?
  • Have you ever lost your patience with all those fiddly RIBBONS and BOWS?
  • Would you like to know how to make a basket that has that   PROFESSIONAL EDGE?

Look no further...... EVERYTHING you
need to know about creating homemade gift basket ideas AND MORE right here!


  • Choose gifts that complement each other. Follow a simple theme and get a superb result every time.
  • Purchase the correct supplies. Follow this detailed shopping list to find out exactly what you'll need to make your basket a standout success.
  • Choose the right container Check out this huge list of container options and give your homemade gift baskets the originality they deserve!
  • Place your gifts attractively in your basket. Get a stunning result by following a few simple assembly techniques
  • Choose the best wrapping idea Get a fantastic result for your homemade gift baskets by following these detailed step-by-step instructions.
  • Tie the perfect bow Finish your baskets in style with these easy to follow instructions on bow tying.

Giving presents is such a delightful way of showing how much you care. Creating your own homemade gift baskets, gift boxes, or gift bags gives you the opportunity to make the celebration EVEN MORE SPECIAL, whatever the occasion.

There are tons of wonderful gift basket ideas on this website for you to choose from and also a section on HOMEMADE GIFTS, which you can add to your baskets, or use as super standalone presents!

You'll also find terrific presents that you can buy on line to add to your baskets. Choose from a selection of superb ideas that would be perfect for coffee lovers gorgeous goodies for baby baskets aromatherapy inspired treats, or fabulous fun presents for the bride-to-be, just to name a few!

Whether you're a complete beginner or just looking for a few hints and tips on putting together your own ideas, fun and fab can give you ALL THE HELP YOU NEED.

Have an AWESOME IDEA you'd like to tell us about? Made a gorgeous basket you're proud of? Please do share, we'd love to hear about it!


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OK, READY to have some fun?

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