Creative Gift Packaging Ideas

Creative gift packaging can be lots of fun and immensely satisfying. With a little inspiration and imagination it’s very easy to invent some wonderfully unique gift wrapping ideas, even if you don’t think you possess a creative bone in your body! Being creative with your gift packaging ideas can also help to make a relatively inexpensive gift look like a million dollars so it’s definitely worth investing your time on this step.

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Wonderful Creative Gift Packaging Ideas
to Inspire You

Do it Yourself
Make your own unique gift wrapping paper! Use large sheets of plain newsprint or brown paper and create your own wonderful designs. Use water based inks and paints and a variety of objects you have in your home.

First paint your homemade gift wrap with a background color. You can add your pattern straight away or wait until the paint is dry depending on how much time you have.


Try making a simple stamp from a vegetable such as a potato. Halve the potato and cut out a simple shape like a star.

Dip the potato into a saucer of paint, blot off the excess on to scrap paper and then stamp on to the paper.

You can use a comb to make wiggly patterns on your paper, or use the end of a cardboard tube to make round circles.

See what kind of unique designs can you make into creative gift packaging ideas yourself, by using simple household items, such as cotton reels, sponges or corks.

Nice and Natural
Use plain kraft bags or bags made from recycled paper with rope handles. Make your bows from raffia or twine. Decorate your gift bags with natural themed embellishments such as dried flowers or tiny sea shells!

Tricks with Tissue
This is a really simple but effective way of wrapping a gift such as a potted plant. Take two pieces of tissue paper in co-ordinating colors. Place one piece of tissue across the other making a cross shape. Place your gift in the center and bring the tissue up around the sides of the gift. Tie a ribbon around the gift and add a beautiful bow.

Japanese Gift Wrapping

Furoshiki is a traditional wrapping cloth (often made from silk) which has been used by the Japanese for centuries. As the material is reusable it makes it a popular choice for those of us who like to recycle and do our bit for the environment.

Furoshiki made from scarves will work well for this creative gift packaging idea as they won’t fray and come in a huge variety of colors and patterns.

If you've never seen a Furoshiki gift wrap in action check out this tutorial, it's very impressive!

Delightful Decorations

Ribbons come in hundreds of different colors, patterns and textures. Raffia is great for that rustic natural look and wire edged ribbons produce terrific results for both new and experienced bow makers.

Try experimenting with fabrics such as tulle or chiffon and learn how to make your own gorgeous gift bows.

You can also use all sorts of goodies to decorate your gifts. There are many many terrific embellishment ideas that will help to add interest and that little something special.

Try silk flowers, dried flowers (like lavender or miniature roses) or tiny sea shells. Leaf or pine sprigs, miniature pine cones or even tiny Christmas tree decorations will add style and a touch of magic to your Christmas gift basket ideas.

If you're looking to add a little razzle dazzle and jazz up your gifts try Glitter Garland. Basically a metallic covered wire, it has tiny cutouts like hearts and stars in little sprays off the main center wire.

It's quite a versatile product and suitable for a number of occasions, for instance red hearts would make a terrific addition to a homemade Valentines's day gift basket. Just make sure you have your wire cutters handy, this decoration tends to be quite harsh on your scissors!

Creative Containers

Experiment with different types of gift containers. You can use wooden crates for fruit baskets or a garden gift basket or fill a wok with a selection of Chinese sauces, cooking tools, chopsticks and a recipe book for your budding Chinese chef. Or pile a gorgeous cake stand with a Christmas cake and loads of yummy Christmas food gifts

Gift boxes make great containers for all sorts of presents, from gourmet food and wine baskets to aromatherapy or spa products to a beautiful set of exquisite lingerie. Check out this brilliant idea that uses fabric to wrap your gifts inside your gift box! Simply stunning!

Take advantage of the enormous range of gift bag ideas and empty gift boxes that are on the market today.

For instance Chinese takeout boxes like the ones in this picture make fantastic gourmet cookie baskets and absolutely wonderful gift containers for candies and chocolate!

In fact creative gift packaging has never been easier with so many amazing options to choose from!

I have found the MOST AMAZING collection of BEAUTIFUL and UNIQUE ways of wrapping gifts from all over the web and there is still masses more to discover! Check out creative gift wrapping to see what I mean! ENJOY!

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