Gift Basket Containers

gift basket containers

Gift basket containers come in many different shapes and sizes, "gift baskets" of course being just one option. Once you’ve decided on a theme or an overall idea for your basket be on the lookout for some unique gift containers. The more unusual gift containers you choose, the more unique and different your gift baskets will be.

Mix and Match

Most gift basket containers can be kept and used afterward so try to think of unusual gift containers that match your theme, look attractive and are also practical.

Many gift containers, like for instance a toy caddie, a keepsake gift box or even a sports bag can all be personalized even more by adding the recipients name to the container itself.

Unusual Gift Basket Containers

Below are some examples of gift containers that you could try for something different. Fill the cute pet bed with a selection of treats for a pet lover, or use the shopping tote as a "picnic basket" and fill with a selection of yummy things to eat and drink.

The gorgeous vintage wooden box would make a great "garden gift basket" and the tray of the booster seat could be laden with food items, or eating utensils, or bibs or anything else you think could be suitable to make a fun but very practical gift basket for a tiny tot!

Container Ideas

Check out this list of possible gift containers but don't be limited by what you see here, you really can use just about anything you like!

  • Food gifts: large picnic basket, medium size cooler, basket, cutting board, cake stand, glass or china platter, serving tray, colander, pasta bowl, crock pot, salad bowl.

  • Children's gifts: doll chair or crib, toy pram or truck, toy box/chest, bucket, lunchbox, backpack.

  • Baby gifts: tray, baby tote bag, gift boxes Baby Moses basket, diaper pail, baby bath, backpack.

  • Garden gifts: watering can, wire tray, terracotta pot, wooden crate.

  • Women's gifts: sewing box or basket, magazine tote, wicker laundry basket, hat box, organza bag.

  • Spa/beauty gifts: large cosmetic purse, wire tray, basket, gift box or bag.

  • Teenagers gifts: gift box or bag, large cosmetic purse, waste paper basket, wire tray, cookie jar, duffle bag, goldfish bowl.

  • Men's gifts: tackle box, photo box, picnic basket, cooler, sports bag, wooden crate.

  • Wine gifts: gift box or bag, champagne bucket, wire mesh basket.

    gift basket containers
    You can also buy gift boxes and gift bags in as many shapes and sizes as you can possibly imagine!

    Available in dozens of different colors, styles, patterned or plain, it's no wonder that gift boxes and gift bags are such a great choice for so many different occasions.

    With so much variety, they make wonderfully unusual gift containers for a wide assortment of presents.

    The sky really is the limit when choosing your gift basket containers, so let your imagination run wild and make your own extraordinary, fabulous, out-of-this-world, unique creation!

    Biggest Basket Ever!

    longaberger basket building

    Courtesy of

    This would have to be the most awesome "basket" ever.

    It's the home of the Longaberger Company Headquarters, an American family owned business in Ohio that makes handcrafted maple wood baskets and other products for the home.

    The building is based on the shape of their biggest selling basket which is called the "Medium Market Basket" and it's also a well known landmark.

    Not hard to see why, it's amazing!

    Like to try making your own completely different and unique gift containers?

    Check out Vintage Crochet Patterns where you'll find an incredible collection of free crochet patterns for the most gorgeous bags and purses, and lots more too! An absolute must see for anyone interested in the art of crochet.

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