Great Gift Ideas
for Teenage Boys

Need a few gift ideas for teenage boys? Having trouble deciding on what teenage Christmas presents would be appropriate for the young men in your family these holidays?

Surprisingly gift baskets can actually make SUPER gift ideas for teenage boys. Use a gift container that fits with your chosen theme and LOAD IT UP with lots of teenage boy gifts based around his personality.

Check out these yummy ready made goody baskets (click on the pics for pricing and more info)and then scroll down for some cool ideas to help you create your own fabulous teenage boys gift baskets.

gift ideas for teenage boys

To help you decide, think about what kinds of activities and interests your teenage boy enjoys doing.

For instance is he into computers, x-boxes and all things techie?

And before you say "no no I'm trying to wean him off those", did you know that video games can actually be healthy for you??

Or maybe he's out there riding his bike or riding the waves at every opportunity?

Does he like sports but prefer to be an observer rather than a player, or is he arty or musically inclined?

Does he like comics and fantasy fiction?

Does he like photography, or is he into the movies, or have a love of reading?

You can put any gift items you like in your gift basket but once you’ve decided on a theme choose a gift container that can be re-used. It’s less likely to end up as more clutter in his room that way!

Super Basket Ideas for Teenage Boys

Sports Fan
Use a gift container such as a themed metal waste basket or a groovy basketball laundry shoot and fill with a selection of themed sports gift items. Choose from key rings, pendants, personalized balls, posters, clothes such as personalized t-shirts, jerseys, sweatshirts, caps and so on.

Cool Computers
Make this gift basket idea a bit different by adding a few fun things such as a themed mouse pad, a USB flash drive in a funky shape like a surfboard or a key or even a personalized computer mouse. Throw in a hand held computer game or a Soduku pocket game for some light entertainment.

Wheels and Waves
Use a skateboard or a boogie board as your base and sit a cooler bag in the middle of the skateboard. Fill the cooler up with a selection of snacks and cans of cold drinks to re-energize him in between.

Gift Certificates
If all else fails gift certificates are always a good option to fall back on, but do try and be a little bit creative with how you present them! Try tucking a few certificates worth a smaller amount inside something like a file tote which he can re-use later or roll them up like a scroll and tuck in with a food gift basket.

Fabulous Food

Remember that old saying about teenage boys being able to eat you out of house and home? Well, anyone who has teenage boys will tell you it’s absolutely true!

So gift baskets containing yummy treats like cookies or popcorn or chocolates will also make great gift ideas for most teenage boys. Try using collectible gift tins for your containers themed around his favorite sport or sports team.

You could even make your own cookies in shapes like baseballs, footballs and cricket balls as the perfect personal gift ideas for teenage boys.

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