Gifts for Nurses

Gifts for nurses should be about pampering and relaxation! During their working day nurses often encounter stressful situations and spend most of their working hours taking care of OTHER PEOPLE'S NEEDS.

Gift ideas for nurses can range from baskets full of yummy treats to eat, to movie baskets or aromatherapy baskets. If you can, find out how they like to use their leisure time, then you can theme your nurses gifts around that.

Here are some really lovely ready made gift basket ideas that would make terrific presents for nurses (click on the pictures for pricing and more info), or scroll down to get some wonderful ideas for baskets you can make yourself.

Nurses Gift Ideas

Nurses are often required to work long hours and also spend much of that time standing.

Most people who work in this kind of profession will tell you that there is nothing nicer than taking your shoes off at the end of your shift and wiggling those poor little toes!

So naturally gifts for nurses that focus around the CARE OF THE FEET would also be most welcome.

Many nurses work shift work too. Starting and finishing at odd hours often means trying to sleep when everyone else is awake!

As we all know most of us need a bit of WIND-DOWN time after work, so even if your nurse friend gets home at 7.00 in the morning after a graveyard shift, it's unlikely they would be going straight to bed!

What better way to unwind than with a nice cup of relaxing tea! Pop your feet in a foot spa and you'll be nice and relaxed and ready for bed in no time!

And just in case you didn't know, we have Florence Nightingale to thank for giving us the date we celebrate International Nurses Day. The 12th of May is the anniversary of her birthday!

Top Gifts for Nurses

Tea Lover Basket
Start with a suitable container a serving tray would work well, and line it with a good quality tea towel. There are many different types of gourmet teas available, check out which ones have relaxing properties and add a selection of those to your basket. You could also add a pretty china tea cup and saucer. Use the flat cellophane wrap and add a nice big bow to complete the presentation.

Gift Basket Magazine
Try this simple way of jazzing up a magazine present. Grab a box that's the same length as your magazines. Place some extra stuffing like shredded paper in the bottom of the box first if the box is too deep. If you need more help with this check out the assembly page

Roll each magazine up and tie securely with a ribbon and a small bow. Lie the magazines side by side (just like tinned sardines!) into your gift box. You could use a different color ribbon on each or keep them all the same. Be sure to match the ribbons on your magazines with the ribbons on the outside of the box too though, so it all ties in nicely together!

Pedicure Gift Basket
You could put these goodies in a foot spa or a sturdy wicker type basket would work well too. Add a selection of foot care products such as a foot soak, an exfoliating foot scrub and a foot cream. Tie a ribbon around a small hand towel and tuck that in as well.

Add a selection of tools to use with a pedicure such as a foot file and a pair of nail scissors or clippers. You could even add her favorite colored toe nail polish! Cellophane wrap and add a gorgeous big bow.

Fun Nurses Gift Ideas

Need some inspirational ideas for your nurses baskets? Just click on the pictures below for more information. The links will open in a new window, simply close the window to return to fun and fab gift basket ideas!

Other excellent gift ideas for nurses could include an aromatherapy basket for the ultimate choice in relaxation or revival! Or try a gourmet cookie basket full of a selection of yummy gourmet cookies for a delicious treat.

If she likes to garden in her spare time a gardeners basket will make fantastic gifts for nurses too!

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