Great Wedding Gift Ideas
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Gift baskets make great wedding gift ideas. Gourmet food and wine type baskets filled with exotic treats are always popular choices for weddings. Make your baskets more individual by choosing slightly more unusual wedding presents. Scroll down and check out these wonderful gift basket wedding present ideas.

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These days it seems that most couples choose to have a gift registry, it makes sense and certainly minimizes the risk of presenting the newly weds with either, wedding present ideas they have already received or worse still they don't like!

The store where the registry is held will be full of great wedding gift ideas so you won't have any trouble finding something appropriate. If you want your present to stand out from the crowd, scroll down for some tips on creative presentation.

Creative Presentation Ideas


Bedroom Linen
Duvet cover, sheets, pillows and so on. Use a set of empty gift boxes with lids in different sizes. Line the boxes with tissue paper and place each gift inside. Stack the boxes on top of each other like a tower and add lashings of gorgeous ribbons and bows.

Bathroom Linen
Luxurious towels, matching bathrobes and so on. You could use the same box idea for the bathrobes as the one above for the bedroom linen, one robe to each box is good! Choose a box that will fit the robe in nice and snugly but make sure you have enough room to get the lid of the box on comfortably.

For the towels try rolling each towel individually and tying with a chiffon ribbon in a complimentary color. Use a box lid as a tray and sit the towels side by side. Place your larger towels on the bottom then the next size on top, and keep going until you have a triangle shape (or a square, depending on how many towels you have!). Be careful to place all the towels facing the same way and then cellophane wrap and add a gorgeous bow to finish off. Just make sure you have the neater side of the wrapped towels facing you when you tie your bow!

Pure white linen makes great wedding gift ideas, try using a combination of white tulle and silver decorations to wrap your presents, absolutely stunning.

Gourmet Food
Try presenting a selection of yummy treats on a beautiful white china platter or cake stand. Line the tray with a cloth or tissue paper first for extra protection, and then place your gifts on top. Lie them down with the labels facing up, be careful not to put glass items together if you can help it. Either place another item in between or scrunch up small amounts of cellophane and tuck that in and around the breakable items.

Celebration Gift Ideas for a Wedding Present

Looking for some slightly more UNUSUAL wedding presents?

Wedding gift ideas like these are designed to help the newly weds celebrate their new lives together and enjoy their shared passions and interests. Whether that be a love of food and wine, a favorite sport, or a healthy lifestyle!

Wine Appreciation
You could choose to purchase a stunning ready made wedding gift basket

like this one pictured here, or get busy and make your own fabulous creation.

Line a champagne bucket or good quality wicker type basket with a kitchen cloth, add a bottle or two of exquisite champagne, a set of delightful champagne flutes and a few boxes of gourmet treats such as delicate hand made chocolates. Join them up with a fabulous wine of the month club

where you'll receive a free customizable gift announcement that you can tuck in with your basket. Cellophane wrap and add a beautiful bow made from satin ribbon.

Coffee or Chocolate Lovers
Make them a stunning gourmet coffee gift basket jam packed full of all their favorite coffee inspired treats. Add a couple of specially designed delightful Mr and Mrs coffee mugs and tuck in a gift certificate for a
coffee of the month club

that will deliver an awesome free gift to the lucky couple every month for as many months as you choose. If they are serious chocaholics swap the coffee basket idea for a gourmet chocolate gift basket and join them up to a chocolate of the month club


Gym Junkies
Are your wedding couple gym fanatics? Give them matching sports bags, personalized with their own name and tuck in a few sports related items such as a water bottle and gym towel and a years subscription to their favorite gym.

Golf Groovers
Make a golf themed basket, add a fun personalized Mr and Mrs sun visor each and tuck in a gift subscription for a year's membership to an exclusive golf club.

Kitchen Capers
For great wedding gift ideas for the couple that likes to cook, make them a foodies basket containing their favorite food items, such as Italian, French, Mexican and so on. Tuck in a gift subscription to an elite cooking school so they get to practice their culinary skills on each other.

Gift Certificate Wedding Present Ideas

Simple gift certificates are very practical and also make great wedding gift ideas and they don't have to be boring! Once again it's all in the way you present them. Here's a few CREATIVE ideas for inspiration.

Movie Lovers
Make a fabulous movie theme basket and tuck in a years worth of movie tickets for a local cinema or a gift certificate for a DVD store.

Cool Concerts
Make a gourmet wine and cheese basket and tuck in concert tickets to see a favorite band playing outdoors on a lazy summer's afternoon.

Sports Fans
Use a themed box, add a few sports memorabilia items and tuck in a couple of tickets to a major sporting event that they will both enjoy.

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