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Want to know how to tie a bow like the experts do?

Wondering how they manage to make ALL the gift basket ribbons and bows match so perfectly?

Or which ribbon makes the BEST gift bows? Is it wire-edged ribbon, satin ribbon, or chiffon ribbon?

Producing great results with your gift basket ribbons and bows is EASY, when you know how to tie a bow correctly, and theme your ribbons to match your gift items and your gift container.

Bow Making Instructions

For starters pick out one central color from your gift selection and try to build complementary shades of ribbons and bows around that.

Picture a traditional relaxing aromatherapy gift basket full of lavender products. Purple is the central color so you could use all the different shades of purple for your gift bows and ribbons starting with the darkest and ending with the lightest softest shade of lavender.

Or perhaps you've taken a more modern approach and chosen organic gifts and scented candles with natural colors and textures. Keep to the natural theme and use twine and neutral colors for your gift basket ribbons and bows.


How to tie a bow for a Christmas gift basket that looks professional?

Simple! Just build your color combination for your gift bows and ribbons around the central theme of the Christmas colors of red, green and gold (or white).


Gift bows and ribbons made from satin are stunning to look at, but not such a great choice if you are not a confident bow maker. It's almost impossible to get the creases out after one too many attempts at tying the perfect bow!

So, how to tie a bow if you're a beginner? Try using wire edged ribbon. It’s very easy to tie, holds its shape well and is extremely versatile. This kind of ribbon tends to be quite harsh on your scissors though, so make sure you keep one pair to use just for this purpose.

Struggling with making bows from scratch? Try a bow-making machine especially designed for the job! Or buy an assortment of pull bows which you can find at party stores. Pull bows are pre-made and come with easy instructions.

Tip for Complete Beginners! Bow making is an art and like many other creative endeavors it takes both practice and patience, so don’t be put off if you don’t get the how to tie a bow bit right the first time!

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Learn how to make pew bows, ribbon bows, layered bows and more.

Flat Ribbon Wrap for Gift Boxes

Wondering how to use gift box bows to dress up a mans gift box without making it too frilly?

Try this simple technique, it's easy and produces great results.

  1. Measure your ribbon across on the outside first, you want enough ribbon to go across the box lid then down each side on the outside and then enough to tuck back up inside the box lid. You can place your ribbon on your box lid wherever you like but somewhere around the middle usually looks best.

  2. Lie your box lid down on your bench upside down.#Tip: Make sure your bench is free of any pieces of lint or dirt or better still lay a cloth down first, box lids tend to scratch very easily.

  3. Place one end of your ribbon inside the box lid and tape to the lid just where the side of the lid reaches the flat part of the lid. Turn your box over to the right side and pull the ribbon across in a nice straight line then turn the lid upside down again and tape that end to the underside of the lid on that side.

  4. Make sure you tape in the same place on each side, you can turn your box lid over once more to double check the ribbon has stayed straight before you tape, just in case!

    Tip: You can use just one color if you prefer but two colors works better Make sure the ribbon you use for the bottom color is wider than the one on top and it will give you a great contrast.


Gift bows and ribbons really are the finishing touch for your basket.

Make them big and bold or simple and elegant, bright and colorful or soft and subtle.

If you match the textures and designs of your ribbons to your theme and co-ordinate and blend your colors well you can't go wrong.

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