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We know just how much time and effort is required to organize and make a gift basket for someone. Right from the initial theme planning, to making or buying gifts for your homemade gift baskets, to getting the right gift container and mastering the gift wrapping techniques, not to mention that magnificent bow you've tied!


When you finally step back to admire your gorgeous creations, your amazing unique homemade gift baskets look so unbelievably fantastic, that you almost can’t bare to part with them!

Give yourself a pat on the back, take a few gift basket pictures of your fabulous design and get ready to receive some well deserved recognition for all that hard work you’ve put in!

Here is your opportunity to showcase your stunning masterpiece to the world!

Use the form below to tell us about your ideas for fabulous homemade gift baskets and please feel free to add any gift basket pictures that you have too!

We'd love to see them!

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If you have any more specific ideas for a homemade gift basket that you would like to share, try clicking on one (or all!) of these links instead.

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And while you're at it, if you have any stories to tell about the worst Christmas presents that you have ever received (or given by mistake!) we'd love to hear about them too!

You can check out my own disasters and see our readers contributions here worst Christmas presents

Thanks for sharing!

How Do You Make a Gift Basket?

  • Have you made a great impression with a special gift basket you've created?

  • Do you have a few fantastic ideas you'd like to share?

  • Got some fab photos to show off?

  • Please tell us about it!

Other Visitors Ideas

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Frugal Friends Swap Night 
Here's a great idea that works on the basic idea of help and be helped and that old saying of how one person's junk can be another person's treasure! …

December Holiday Rum Balls 
While this is not a "gift basket" per se, it is one of my favorite homemade holiday gifts ... rum balls! Especially great if you need 5-10 small gifts …

Runners High 
This is a really good idea for a gift basket to give to someone that's keen on running. I made one for my sister and she loved it! I used a picnic basket …

Frequent Flyers Gift Bag 
I made this gift basket for a friend that travels a lot. I chose a really nice bag that was suitable for her to take on the plane and put the goodies inside …

Hangover Helper 
We had a staff Christmas party a few years ago where a few people indulged rather more than they should have and were a bit worse for wear the next day. …

Challenge-Christmas Basket-Homemade Canned Goods 
This is really not a gift basket yet. However maybe the webmaster will take similar size jars - 1/2 pint, pint and quart jars in this picture add crackers …

Knitting Basket 
I was asked to make a gift basket for a raffle at our local kindergarten's fundraiser. I wanted to do something different to the usual gourmet food and …

For a Special Teacher 
My son and I put this basket together one year for one of his favorite teachers in June when school was ending. We included a card with a message from …

Dog Lover's Gift Basket 
This is for the dog lover/owner not the dog! A pack of notelets featuring dogs, specially for keeping in touch with other dog loving friends. A dog …

Christmas Cookies Containers 
I've been collecting red Folger coffee containers this year (I'm a big coffee drinker!) which I plan to recycle at Christmas by making them into containers …

Simple but Personal: Melt-and-Pour Soap and Candles Not rated yet
Some of the easiest gifts to make which are especially popular around Christmas are scented products like soaps and candles. Just head to the local …

Healthy Gift Basket Idea! Not rated yet
I live in a community of very health-minded individuals - everything organic, vegans galore, gluten-free everywhere! Last weekend, I visited a dear …

Baby Shower Gift Basket Not rated yet
Whenever I go to a baby shower, I make a basket. The cool thing about the basket is it can go into the baby's room or another room in the house to hold …

Sympathy Gift Basket Not rated yet
Wanted to share my ideas on making and giving sympathy gift baskets, as I have been doing that for many years, instead of sending flowers. The idea …

Pasta Basket Not rated yet
My Aunt loves to cook, so one year for Christmas, I made her a pasta gift basket. I bought a lovely holiday basket, and filled it with everything to make …

Cold Care Pack Not rated yet
I once made a "cold care pack" for my sister in law (who seems to get sick often). It contained a box of nice tissues (I think the kind with "soothing …

School Basket Raffle Not rated yet
Every year our school has a basket raffle to raise money. We raffle off about 200 of them! I have seen some great ideas and thought I would share some …

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