Perfume Gift Baskets
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perfume-gift-baskets-flowers Perfume gift baskets make wonderful presents for your mom, your sister, your teenage daughter, even your husband!

There are tons of fantastic perfume gifts you can add to your baskets, for instance for the real PERFUME ENTHUSIAST try an informative book on perfume history.

For a KNOCKOUT PRESENTATION idea place your perfume bottle nestled gently in a bed of beautiful flowers, gorgeous!

Scroll down to check out heaps more TERRIFIC perfume gift ideas.

Wondering how to create gorgeous perfume gift baskets that will fit your recipients personal taste?

Check out the Choosing Perfume guide and then come back here for some great ideas!

How many times have you heard someone say they keep their best perfume for wearing on SPECIAL OCCASIONS only?

And lets face it a French perfume can be an expensive purchase so it's understandable we want to get our money's worth.

Try this great tip to help make your perfume LAST LONGER on your skin!

How to do Fragrance Layering

  • Start with a body shampoo, shower gel or soap plus a body scrub if you wish.

  • Follow with body lotion or cream depending on your skin type.

  • Follow with talcum powder.

  • Finish with your fragrance.

  • You could also use a matching deodorant and hand cream but just don’t overdo it!

The more layers you use the longer your perfume will last, but do take in to account how potent your perfume is to begin with. It's never nice for your perfume to enter the room before you do!

How to make Perfume Gift Baskets

First choose a suitable container. A wicker basket, a large cosmetic purse, a gift box or bag or even a decorative hat box would all make superb gift basket containers. gold gift box

Looking for a simple way to give one single bottle of fragrance that WOW factor?

Take the perfume out of the box it came in and place it in another larger box lined with layers of tissue paper or a small piece of silk material.

Make sure to co-ordinate the color of your box, your box lining and your ribbons and bows to create that overall professional finish.

You can add any of the toiletries from the list above and anything else that’s available in your selected fragrance range to your gift basket.

Lay your gifts out attractively in your container, click on the assembly techniques link at the bottom of the page if you need help with assembling your gift.

Looking for a little something extra to add?

Top 10 perfume gift ideas to add to your perfume gift baskets

  1. A small embroidered towel in a co-ordinating color, roll up with a bow or use as a base to lay your gifts on.

  2. Perfumed candles - choose a complementary fragrance, vanilla, rose green tea, lavender and so on.

  3. A set of beautiful lingerie - a perfect addition for the bride-to-be.

  4. A delicate manicure set.

  5. A book on the History of Perfume such as Essence and Alchemy: A Natural History of Perfume, fantastic for the real perfume enthusiast!

  6. An elegant photo frame.

  7. Spa related items such as a massage glove or wash cloth.

  8. Hand made chocolates and a bottle of champagne - a must for Valentines Day Gift Baskets.

  9. A cute soft toy like a teddy bear. Sit the fragrance on the bears lap and wrap the bears arms around the box, make sure you tie it securely though!

  10. A luxurious bathrobe.

Perfume Gift Baskets for a Special Man!

What about your hubby or your boyfriend or even your Dad? Perfume gift ideas can be just as suitable for men as women.

You’d be surprised how many men like to smell nice and would appreciate perfume gift baskets.

Of course we don’t really call it men’s perfume, either fragrance or cologne would be more acceptable!

Camille Beckman

  • Choose a suitable gift container. A toilet bag or sports bag would be great or a photo box could work well too.

  • Add a range of toiletries along with your cologne such as as shower gel, deodorant, shaving cream, shampoo, talc, after shave balm and so on.

  • Try adding a sports towel to your sports bag gift and place the toiletries in the pockets of the bag!

  • Remember that less is more with most men so don’t frilly your gift basket up too much.

  • Try attaching a gift tag or small card to a length of curling ribbon and tie that to the handles of your sports bag or just one single length of ribbon tied around your toilet bag with a small bow would suffice.

  • Make sure to co-ordinate the colors of your men's perfume gift baskets well and keep to a reasonably neutral theme.

Perfume not your man's cup of tea? Check out our gift basket ideas for men and feel free to add an idea or two of your own while you're there. We'd love to see them!

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