Unique Gift Basket Ideas

unique-gift-basket-ideas-kids-in-box How many truly unique gift basket ideas can you think of?

Whether you're looking for ideas for unique Christmas presents, unique birthday presents in general, or something more specific such as unique birthday gifts for men, the easiest way to create a TRULY UNIQUE GIFT BASKET is without a doubt to make it yourself!

And THE TRICK to producing an amazing result?

Try to think outside the basket!

Experiment With Containers

The basket is just a container to put your gifts into, so you can create tons of unique gift basket ideas by using as many DIFFERENT KINDS of containers as you can imagine.

For instance you can turn your ideas into unique Christmas presents by using unusual gift containers that have a holiday theme or festive feel.

You can make your unique gift basket ideas practical or completely over the top depending on who your recipient is and what occasion you are celebrating.

Or try following a few basic gift basket themes if you're stuck for an idea.

You can also use creative gift packaging to give your unique gift basket ideas even more originality!

Inspirational Ideas

Do you have a son or daughter leaving home for the first time? Need a few gift basket ideas for college students?

Add a nice touch to your goodbye with one of the following fun and simple DOMESTIC CHALLENGE gift baskets!

Washing Theme
Use a container such as a washing basket and fill with everything needed to do your own washing. Maybe throw in a nice new iron so they don't have an excuse to bring the ironing home for you to do every other weekend!

Cooking Theme
Make up a recipe book full of all your son's or daughter's favorite meals that you have lovingly cooked for them over the years. Use a container such as a salad bowl, colander or even a crock pot, and add a few basic ingredients for one or more of those meals.

Cleaning Theme
Use a container such as a bucket or wastepaper basket and fill with a selection of cleaning products, rubber gloves, dusters and stuff to keep your house clean. A couple of scented candles might be nice too!

Cool Crafts

Craft Kits
Try a variety of craft projects to create unique gift basket ideas. Use a gift container that's large enough to hold all the items you will need, and add an instructional craft book. Choose projects like candle making, card making, scrap booking, revamping your wardrobe, or for the younger one's make your own pinata.

Celebration Time

Party Kits
Make up a child's party kit, include everything you need to make a good party! Themed hats, decorations, candles, streamers, plates, napkins, table cloth, cups, glasses and so on.

Try a grown-up version of the same. Use a cooler as your gift container and add a cocktail shaker, a book of cocktail recipes, a few bags of snacks and a couple of bottles of liquor.

Halloween Theme
Use a themed Halloween bag and add a selection of goodies such as a costume, mask, hat and some trick or treat bags.

Unique Christmas Present Ideas


Pick a Pet
Use a fish bowl as your container and fill with everything you need to make your first fish tank. Don't forget to add a gift certificate for the local pet shop to buy the new fish!

Or use a cat litter tray as your gift container, add a bag of cat litter, cat toys, cat food, cat collar and a gift certificate for the new kitty.

Happy Holidays
Know a nature lover? Use a back pack as the gift container and make holiday baskets using all the goodies you need to take on a hike. Thermal socks, hat, insect repellant, water bottle, trail mix and so on.

Winter Christmas Idea
Use a sled or toboggan as your gift container and add all the goodies you will use to have fun in the snow. Matching hat, scarf, mittens and so on.

Summer Christmas Idea
Use something like a boogie board and lay your gifts on top. Add a rolled up beach towel, flip flops, sunscreen and a sunhat.

Wild Wedding Present
Be totally extravagant and give a new fridge filled with a variety of yummy gourmet food treats and vintage champagne!

Or make a newborn baby gift basket from a cute chest of drawers and fill each drawer with a selection of things that baby will need. One for clothes, one for toys, feeding equipment, bath and body products and so on.

Check out this super tutorial from sew mama sew for a fabulous fabric gift box. Just change the material and it could be used for all sorts of different occasions.

fabric gift box sew mama sew

As you can see the possibilities for creating unique gift basket ideas really are endless. Have fun creating a few ideas of your own!

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