Gift Basket Themes

To theme or not to theme?


Are gift basket themes really all that NECESSARY?

If you want your gift basket to have that professional edge then YES, most definitely, and the good news is choosing the right homemade gift basket themes is EASY!

From a fabulous golf theme gift basket to a delicious fruits basket theme, or a romantic picnic basket made specially just for two, it ALL DEPENDS on your gift recipient and the occasion.

Once you know how to create a theme based around those two elements the rest is a piece of cake. In fact a theme can even be as simple as a color or a design!

The whole process of what gifts to buy, what kind of gift basket containers will work best, which gift wrapping ideas you'll use, how you'll decorate and of course what basket making supplies you'll need will all be a lot more simple if you do try and stick to a theme of some sort.

When choosing gift basket themes, there are so many different possibilities it’s easy to become overwhelmed. A theme is really just about pulling a bunch of ideas together so that they match in some way.

You also need to consider the occasion that's being celebrated; for instance are you looking for house warming gift ideas, a birthday celebration or teenage girl gifts?

And of course, MOST IMPORTANT, who the gift basket is for, in other words your lucky gift recipient!

How To Get Started

Check out these two scenarios and see for yourself how easy it is to create gift basket themes for any occasion!

Golf Theme Gift Basket
Friends are celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary. Neither of them cares much for tradition but they both love exotic treats, good champagne and a regular round of golf.

Begin by choosing an interesting container, either a wicker basket or a cooler bag would work well. Add a bottle of champers, a few gourmet food goodies such as aged cheese, deli style crackers and handmade chocolates. Add some golf items like balls, tees, visors, caps and so on. Try to choose gift items that complement each other.

Exotic Fruits Basket Theme
A work colleague is leaving your firm and you’ve been given the job of organizing her farewell gift. You don’t know much about her except that she’s a health fanatic, she loves fruit and her favorite family outing is a picnic.

Gift basket themes fruit

Start with a gorgeous picnic basket and fill it to overflowing with an interesting variety of fresh fruit. Use the gift wrapping ideas to check how to cellophane wrap the basket, make sure you leave the cellophane long enough to fan out at the top, add a gorgeous bow and voila you’ve just created your second theme!

Another way to create your theme is to choose one central item and build on that. Make it something you know your recipient loves, like aromatherapy, or scented candles or even her favorite cookies made with your own delicious homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe!

As a general rule though, do try to avoid mixing highly perfumed items with food items if you can possibly help it. Think of it like putting your laundry powder together with your bread in the same grocery bag.


If you simply can't avoid it, wrap the perfumed item in some complimentary gift paper first (click here for some simple instructions on how to wrap a gift ) and place as FAR AWAY from the food items as you can!

Gift basket themes give you an opportunity to create something completely unique so go for it, the sky's the limit!

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